El Nido,Palawan philippines

El Nido is one of those fabled dream destinations, and contrary to popular perception it can be a more affordable beach destination than your usual trips to Puerto Galera or Boracay. Just be prepared to rough it up a bit with the long and bumpy roads, lack of 24-hour electricity and absence of modern day conveniences like ATMs and fast-food outlets. All the better actually if you ask me, since these are the exact ingredients for a one-of-a-kind experience with one of the most breathtaking places in the country.

 Miniloc Island Resort is set in a cove with a backdrop of sheer limestone cliffs. Reminiscent of a coastal village, Miniloc’s quaint charm is enhanced by its crystal clear waters teeming with tropical fishes. You need not go far to sample Miniloc Island’s interesting facets. The waters fronting the resort are rich in marine life. At the end of the pier, guests can snorkel alongside 3-foot long groupers and hundreds of sergeant majors, damsel fish, fusiliers, and other multi-colored tropical fishes.

The towering marble cliffs and enchanting lagoons to its 100 white sandy beaches and lush jungle, El Nido is one of the top tourist destinations in Palawan, which is often referred to as the Philippines' Last Frontier. In the November–December 2007 issue of the National Geographic Traveler's magazine, Palawan was chosen as one of the best travel destinations in the world, and particularly, it recommended El Nido and the Calamianes Islands.
El Nido,Palawan philippines